Translin – the solution to a problem

Offering the solution to a problem! That’s what it’s all about when you set up a new business.

Translin provides interpreting services via Skype or phone. So what’s the problem we want to solve at Translin?Is there a problem that needs to be solved? Yes there is! And you don’t have to take our word for it:

“Chaos in Dutch immigration procedures: agency has not been able to find a suitable interpreter for 1100 requests”

“European commission is looking for 300 English native interpreters”. French, German, Italian and Dutch native interpreters are also becoming rare. And the commission still has a lack of interpreters from Romania, Latvia and Malta”

“Foreign crime suspects walking free on bail in Birminghamdue to interpreter crisis”

Do you believe these interpreters can’t be found? That perhaps they don’t even exist? I don’t! They do exist, but they might not live – or want to live – in the places where they are needed.

Translin provides the solution to this problem. We bring clients and interpreters in direct contact with each other. Clients find and book a qualified interpreter through our website The interpreter does his or her work through Skype or phone. It’s easy, simple and cost-effective. No need to be physically present anymore.

Thanks to Translin:

  • Clients have direct access to our database of qualified interpreters
  • Interpreters have access to interpreting jobs on a global scale

Join Translin and find out for yourself!




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