Interesting upcoming conferences and webinars globally

Professional Interpretation bridges gaps, breaks down language barriers and helps to ensure effective communication between people, in the public and private sectors. Shouldn’t we all attend a conference or webinar from time to time? In order to make it easy, we have selected some interesting conferences and webinars. For more information please press the link.

Date Who? Where? Topic
07/24/13 LLAC New Orleans A focus on Justice, Education, and Healthcare
07/29/13 NMIC Webinar Preparing   to become a certified medical interpreter
08/01/13 NATI Bellevue, NE “Opening the doors to the World through Language”
08/04/13 CCIC Cambridge English,   French, German, Spanish, Russian, Italian
08/10/13 HITA Sugar Land, TX Summer   conference 2013
08/28/13 eCPD Webinar “Learn   to love your agencies!”
09/06/13 IMIA Durham, NC Improving   Language Access Quality
09/13/13 TAPIT Memphis, TN “Forging a   path towards specialization.”
09/21/13 MATI Chicago, IL “Medical   and Legal Interpreters and their Interaction.”
09/27/13 CCHI Webinar National   Certification
09/27/13 ATA Webinar ATA Webinar   Note-taking for Interpreters
10/05/13 IAPTI London First IAPTI   International Conference
10/11/13 CFI Oakland 11th   annual continuing education conference
10/12/13 MiTiN Novi, Mich. On interpreting and   translation
11/06/13 ATA San Antonio, TX ATA   annual conference
11/14/13 IPCITI Edinburgh 9th IPCITI conference in   translation and interpreting
04/03/14 TEPIS Krakow, Poland Legal   Interpreters and Translators in Enlarged Europe
04/05/14 EULITA Krakow, Poland 4th   general assembly of EULITA
04/03/14 ATISA NYU, NYC 7th ATISA conference: Where   theory and practice meet
08/04/14 FIT Berlin Man vs. Machine?
10/29/14 CIT Portland, OR Our Roots;   The Essence of our Future