E-learning for interpreters and translators

E-learning is rising in popularity as more people have access to educational curriculums increasingly delivered online and accessible through their electronic devices.

More and more this is proving to be an effective tool for the acquisition or improvement of skills. In many cases, it seems to be cost-effective, saves time and you can learn 24/7 from any location. This also offers great flexibility to study at your own pace, but at the same time, it makes it easy for staff and learners to track and to prove progress.

Learning online, you can choose the appropriate content and tools that match your own interests and skill levels. You have ongoing access to retake courses, you can skip material you already know and you can focus on topics you would like to learn the most. You can easily compare all the courses and training available to choose one that fits your budget!

I have listed a few e-learning sites that might interest you as an interpreter:

  • eCPD Webinars was the very first CPD provider for translators and interpreters and is an approved provider of CPD for the T&I Industry. They offer a wide range of excellent videos, live webinars and interesting and informative in-depth courses.
  • IEO: Interpreter Education Online offers online interpreter training courses for legal, medical and healthcare interpreters to help them improve their interpretation techniques. The courses are available in various languages. They also offer a course to learn the basics of Video Remote Interpreting.
  • MITS: Medical Interpreting Training School has online courses for beginners or professionals who want to increase their knowledge. The certificates are approved by ATA, IMIA, and CCHI.
  • DPSI offers the opportunity to study interpreting in the fields of Community, Law, Health, and Police. They have beginners, intermediate and advanced levels.
  • NAATI offers two online courses “Introduction to interpreting” and “Behaving ethically”. They give a detailed explanation of the content of both courses.

In the study hall of Alexandria, you can find all kinds of e-learning courses. Besides these courses, you can also access webinars and workshops in their auditorium and a shelf-full of training videos.

For less experienced translators and interpreters who want to refine their skills, you can visit the virtual classroom of SCIC, where training courses are offered by DG Interpreting of the EU. Also, check EMCI for more training workshop material on conference interpreting.

Whichever course you choose, just make sure it prepares you for the qualification you’re after and check that the certificate or diploma you will receive after the course completion is acknowledged in your field.