Only qualified interpreters

It’s a misconception to think that anybody who speaks two languages will also be a good interpreter.

A lot of people who are fluent in two languages fail to pass their professional exams for interpretation services. How is that possible you might ask? Well, a good interpreter needs a lot more skills than just perfect knowledge of two languages. The interpreter must have the ability to convey the exact meaning of a word or sentence in its context in the language required. And that demands highly specific skills.

Interpreters need to have a highly developed short-term memory. After all, they have to do their work on the spot and have no time to think about a word or to look it up in a dictionary. They are also very good at taking notes quickly and at remembering specific terminology that they can immediately reproduce.

Interpreters are highly educated people with an enormous vocabulary and they are typically also specialized and trained in a specific area of expertise.

We at Translin appreciate these skills. We aim at providing the highest quality service to our future clients with the best qualified interpreters. So if you have a degree in interpreting, and you possess the specific skills we are looking for, as well as access to internet and Skype, just go to REGISTER AS INTERPRETER and complete the simple registration procedure.

It’s free and won’t take more than a few minutes.