Some typical weekly non-task oriented catch-ups of an interpreter

Irrespective of whether you are a freelancer or an in-house interpreter, we all have our work-related routines. However, besides the actual jobs and assignments, there is generally also a lot of other things we need to catch up with every week.

Reading books is a pleasant and informative way to stay up to date with the translation business. So how about reading a good book about interpreting? Sam Ham’s latest book captures what has changed in our understanding of interpreting over the last two decades. It offers interpreters new and insightful ideas for making a difference through their work. Or what about Ellen Elias-Bursac’s latest book, just published in February this year, about translating and interpreting in the setting of an International Criminal Tribunal.

One is never be too old to learn. Studying interpretation can also be done easily online nowadays. Why not follow a course with an accredited institute? NAATI, for instance, has some online courses that you can still register for during the last quarter of 2015. Also Monterey’s MIIS website has some on-site and online continuing education programmes.

Other weekly matters that need your attention and some time put aside for include:

Growing your network by reaching out and staying in touch with fellow interpreters. Check in on a regular basis with the platforms you are a member of.

Visiting your social media sites like LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook on a daily basis so you know what is happening and who is looking for you.

Setting goals for yourself, e.g. where do you want to be in six months, or what do you want to have accomplished professionally a year from now. You could map out a timeline to do this.

Meanwhile, keep on practising your speech and vocabulary. There are various videos out there to help you keep your skills up to date, for instance, you can find good ones on the European Commission’s website.

For some inspiration, have a look at the following video – it’s just another working day in the life of a professional interpreter.


Last but not least, be proud of yourself, you are doing a great job!